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Sustainable Systems Management (SSM) is a 4-year major within the Department of Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Seniors in this major are required to take the SSM 4506W Capstone course, which is the culminating sustainability assessment experience before graduation. Students may specialize in four different tracks, including Building Science & Technology, Corporate Sustainability Systems, Energy Systems, or Sustainable Products Business Management.

The sustainable systems management major prepares students to enter the workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to design, assess, implement, and manage systems to advance the goals of sustainability.


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Building science and technology specialization

Explore opportunities that can enhance the performance of houses and building systems

Corporate sustainability systems specialization

Advance the goals of sustainability within a business, industrial, corporate, and non-profit organization context

Energy systems specialization

Focus on the advancement of sustainable energy systems, solutions, and their applications

Sustainable products business management specialization

Apply sales, marketing, and business management to advance the goals of products and technologies and bring them closer to consumers